A1 ID Systems is committed to providing high quality reliable microchip identification for animal and industry markets. We do this by consistently manufacturing products that meet or exceed, our customer's expectations.

Our effective quality management system is reflected in our RESULTS:

  • Relationships that enable us to meet or exceed customer requirements
  • Excellence in a quality managements system that is customer focused
  • Service that meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Unshakable integrity
  • Leadership that clearly communicates goals and expectations
  • Teamwork that maximizes continuous improvement
  • Speed to market high quality products

Maintaining such a high level of quality requires an company-wide commitment of everyone from the executive office to the production line. It requires a highly disciplined team of people who believe quality is a core value, a habit. Everything we do is geared toward providing customers with quality they can count on…every time.

Part of this commitment to quality is our dedication to the highest manufacturing and assembly standards in the industry.

Accordingly, our operations are:

  • Tooling is internally calibrated per required specifications
  • Documented corrective/preventative action system
  • Functional testing provided per customer requirements
  • Visual inspections are performed next to functional testing